Baltimore Green Network (BGN) 

Adopted September 2018 by the Baltimore City Planning Commission


The City of Baltimore is rich in green space—an under-appreciated resource with the potential to improve life for everyone who lives here. Our city boasts an extensive waterfront, 6,000 acres of parks, three major stream corridors, and more than 2.6 million trees. These resources, however, are often perceived as largely disconnected, both from each other and from a majority of our city’s residents.

The Baltimore Green Network is a plan to connect the city's parks and green spaces with paths and mobility lanes, improve and protect natural habitat, create new parks in underserved areas, and improve the maintenance of vacant lots. 

Baltimore has over 25,000 vacant lots and 17,000 vacant homes that can be a deterrent to revitalization if poorly maintained.  The Baltimore Green Network is working with residents in underserved areas to recreate many of these vacant lots into community assets, such as  recreation areas, community gardens, urban squares, or parks. The Baltimore Green Network seeks to improve the standard for vacant lot maintenance, even if holding for future infill development.

The Baltimore Green Network's corridor network will ultimately connect every major park, but also Universities, Hospitals, and commercial areas. The corridor network will be comprised of paths or complete streets that allow for walking, jogging, bicycling, or scooting. They will help provide health benefits for users and a recreation network for Baltimore's citizens.  The network will double as a transportation network for those not using a vehicle to get destinations around the city.  This work is closely coordinated with the Baltimore Greenway Trails Coalition.


The Baltimore Green Network is under the Comprehensive Planning and Revitalization Division of the Department of Planning.


Please visit projects for more information about individual projects that are part of the Baltimore Green Network


Baltimore Green Network Map-Please click on Vision Map for interactive map

Baltimore Green Network staff

Jeff  La Noue, City Planner II,, 410-396-3967

Kim Knox, Greening Coordinator,, 410-396-5902


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