Racheal Wilson Memorial Park

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Infrastructure Stage
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Shipley Hill
Carrollton Ridge

Brief Description

A 0.7 acre park at 145 S. Calverton Road honors Racheal Wilson, the first female firefighter in Maryland to pass away in the line of duty.   The effort has been led by resident Jerlene Boyd (shown below) and the rest of Boyd-Booth Community Association. The park will include a fenced area with a playground, playing field, and a gathering area. The park currently has a mural of Firefighter Racheal Wilson and a mosaic on the steps of the house where she was mortally injured during a training exercise.  The footprint is between the 2100 block of Boyd Street, the unit block of S. Pulaski Street, and 100 block of S. Calverton Road. Partners include: the Racheal Wilson Family, Boyd -Booth Community Association,  Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, African-American Fire Fighters Historical Society, Inc., and Bon Secours Community Works.  (updated December 31, 2020)


Racheal Wilson Visioning Summary

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