Focus Areas​

To begin putting the Green Network Vision into practice, this plan includes neighborhood-specific plans for four Focus Areas—in Central, West, Southwest, and East Baltimore—each of which present opportunities for strategic greening and neighborhood revitalization. The goal of these plans is to apply the larger Green Network Vision to specific neighborhoods, identifying pilot projects for nodes and corridors that can spur new investment in neighborhood stabilization and renewal in the targeted areas. 


The Department of Planning has identified initial capital funding to implement select pilot projects within each Focus Area; the Department has begun to work with communities and partners on several of these pilot projects. We anticipate that these projects can demonstrate the impact of the Green Network in these areas—catalyzing further improvements and investments.

Focus Area Maps


These maps show existing parks and community sites, as well pilot project locations and opportunity sites.  Pilot Project locations were identified with community input and as a result of large concentrations of vacant property.  The goal of Pilot Projects is to create quality green space that spurs new economic development around it.  Opportunity sites are areas ripe for economic development that will support its surrounding neighborhood.

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Central Focus Area Map

Central Focus Area Map Key

East Focus Area Map

East Focus Area Map Key

Southwest Focus Area Map

Southwest Focus Area Map Key

West Focus Area Map

West Focus Area Map Key