Q-What is the Baltimore Green Network?

A-It is both a plan and a project to make a network of connected green spaces throughout the city that support Baltimore's quality of life, health, transportation, environment,  recreation, and economic development.


Q - Who is managing the Baltimore Green Network?

A - The Baltimore City Department of Planning is coordinating the plan, but will rely heavily on agencies such as BCRP, DOT, HCD and DPW to implement. Community and nonprofit partners will also be significant partners.

Q - How is the Baltimore  Green Network funded?

A - The Department of Planning has seed money. Many projects will get the majority of funding through city agency budgets, state grants, and federal money.  Different funding strategies and timelines will be formulated on a project-specific basis .  The vision plan is much bigger than current funding.


Q - How are projects prioritized?

A - Projects can be prioritized for a variety of different reasons.  Pilot projects in designated focus areas have been created as part of the equity lens to bring quality green spaces into areas with high concentration of vacancy. Other projects can move forward because of available pots of funding.  Some projects are part of plans, such as DPW's MS4 plans or DOT's Bicycle Master Plan. Finally, agency, institutional, or non-profit partners can lead projects that are incorporated into the plan.

Q - What are benefits of the Baltimore Green Network?

A - The BGN will help Baltimore have more access and connection to green assets that will raise the quality of life in the city. Blighted spaces will become parks.  New walking and bicycling facilities will be created that connect with each other and with green spaces.  Trees and storm water treatments will help with air and water quality.  New open spaces will leverage new economic development such as new or renovated houses. Baltimore residents will have more places to exercise and find places for healthy respite.

Q - What is the timeline of the Baltimore Green Network?  

A - The BGN is an audacious vision. The plan envisions projects small and big.  If you volunteer to keep a storm drain clear of litter, that can happen today. Implementing many of the identified capital projects will be a function of securing funding.  The goal of the  BGN is for projects of all sizes to be moving forward.   Every year, some capital projects should be under design, under construction, and completed. Visit the project pages to see where particular projects are on the timeline.

Q - How can I participate?

A - You can start on your own block or yard or tap into bigger projects. Use this website to learn about projects and provide your input.  You can contribute to make the city greener. 

Q-How can I help improve or adopt a vacant lot?

A-When neighbors or institutions adopt a vacant lot and improve it beyond the municipality's capacity, everyone wins. Adopt a lot is run through HCD.  Visit here to learn more.